Hazard Perception

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The hazard perception test makes up the second part of the theory test and is designed to measure your reactions to everyday situations on the road. Your awareness of hazardous situations will increase during the course of your lessons and is tested using recorded clips of real-life circumstances.

When is the hazard perception test taken?

The hazard perception test is taken at the same time as the theory test.

The theory test starts with a series of 50 multiple choice questions and is followed by a three minute break before the hazard perception element starts. Your hazard perception test will consist of 14 video clips which will feature various road scenes with developing hazards involving both vehicles and pedestrians.

What happens during the hazard perception test?

Thirteen clips will show you one hazard and one will contain two. Each hazard has a marking window and you will be scored appropriately for your reactions if you respond during that window. Clicking outside of that window will score you no points and excessive clicking can invalidate the question altogether. You can score between 1-5 points depending on how quickly you react to a developing hazard – i.e. an event that causes you to change speed, direction or stop.

Why do we take a hazard perception test?

Hazard perception skills are a vital part of your ability to drive. This section was devised to challenge and reduce road casualties caused by careless driving.

Your awareness improves as you gain experience of driving but this section of your theory test helps to ensure that you are careful from the start.

If you have any further questions regarding any aspect of either the theory or hazard perception tests, please ask us!